Invisible braces are used as an aesthetic solution instead of traditional metal braces. We provide the following technologies of invisible braces: Invisalign® and Incognito™ system. At the first consultation we will advise you what type of treatment will work for you, what is expected result and what are the limitations of particular systems.

Invisalign system

Invisalign is a set of individually fabricateed, thin and completely transparentfoils or aligners which are designed to move  teeth in the required direction.

If a physician on basis of the initial examination and treatment planning decides that the Invisalign system is appropriate for the patient, scan of of teeth and other documentation are sent to  the Invisalign company. There is after processing of the data made so called ClinCheck which is an 3D form of the movements of teeth of the patient. Foils is then worn all day and night apart from the time necessary for meals and oral hygiene. Alignersare in the set marked by numbers and every week is the previous aligner replaced by the new following one which is a step closer to the final result.

Advantages of the Invisalig system are apart from the aesthetic standpoint (it is a transparent removable system, only on some teeth are for higher effectivity of the systemfirmly attached so called “attachments” which are small prominences made of resin in the colour of teeth), its simplicity (aligner is put on and worn 22 hours per day), shorter time spent in the orthodontist´s office and overall predictability and shorter time of the active treatment (treatment plan is beforehand in detail prepared at the virtual 3D model ofteeth of the patient). Patients also appreciate that a part of the treatment plan is an accurate number of aligners and consequently accurate duration of the active treatment.

As minor inconvenience can be by some patients deemed the necessity of cooperation – sufficient wearing of the aligners and maybe a higher price of the whole system.

The outcome of the treatment, as well as in case of orthodontic treatment by other types of appliances, is necessary to maintain, according to recommendations of the treating orthodontist by retention appliances.

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3M Incognito System

Incognito™ are fixed braced attached to the inner side of teeth; they are individually fabricated for every patient. By means of Incognito braces it is possible to reach the same outcome of the treatment as in case of classic methods. Apart from aesthetic standpoint their advantage is minimalization of undesirable effects of classic apparatuses (namely decalcification of enamel, occurrence of dental caries). Incognito braces are the most sophisticated type of lingual braces. Material for their fabrication is an alloy containing gold. During the fabrication of Incognito braces is the set of teeth digitalized in high definition. Initially an ideal placement of teeth is designed and Incognito braces are made according to it. In the following phase braces of wax are made, again without any intervention of human hand, in a 3D printer by the rapid prototyping method. Those wax braces then serve as a basis to mold cast the final Incognito braces. After bonding Incognito braces a wire with shape memory is used. It is curved to the required shape by a highly precise robot. The wire then ensures straightening the teeth into the required position.

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